• Q. Isn't flat pack furniture designed to make assembly easy?

      While flat pack furniture is designed to be assembled by anyone at home, there are a few factors that make it harder than it looks:

    • Assumed knowledge – some manufacturer instructions assume a level of knowledge when it comes to the assembly of their products.  For example, some instructions assume people know the difference between right and wrong sides of furniture or the difference between two types of fixings.
    • Visualisation – While you have seen the finished product on showroom floor, it can be hard to visualise the end result in your own home or office.  Our team have had many years experience in the carpentry and cabinet making and are able to visualise the product instantly making assembly a lot easier and a lot less time consuming
    • Physical Size – the size and weight of some items may make it impractical for a do-it-yourself assembly.
    • Patience – Patience can easily be tested if you are unable to assemble the item easily, or have had to take it apart several times in order to correct a skipped step.
  • Q. We have bought a toy for our son and its in pieces. Do you assemble these?
      A. There are growing number of children’s toys that now come flat pack. Some have been known to take parents hours and hours to assemble.
      We will gladly provide our services to assemble toys. The golden rule is if it comes flat we will assemble it.
  • Q. What happens if parts are missing?
      A. Our fitters travel with a large assortment of flatpack components. These are the general screws, dowels, cams, bolts etc. We supply these if needed. If the part missing is large (i.e. a panel) we will help you with the process of contacting the retailer for a replacement.
  • Q. How much room do you need to assemble my furniture?
      A. As much as possible. Larger items like wardrobes need a considerable amount of floor space to construct. If the assembler has to spend time moving furniture so that they may work this ultimately affects the cost to you.
  • Q. I’m at work most days. Do you assemble after hours?
      A. Yes we do. We also allocate weekend bookings.
  • Q. Do you charge extra for evening or weekend appointments?
      A. No. We charge the same a fixed rate. The only exceptions would be for office and shop fit outs during the night.
  • Q. We have new flooring. Will you protect it?
      A. Yes. We will do our best to protect your floor buy using mats underneath the area where our tools are located. If requested in advance we can supply drop sheets as protection.
  • Q. How do you estimate how long a job will take?
      A. Our estimates come from years of industry experience. Having assembled thousands of items gives us the experience to estimate assembly times.
  • Q. Will you take away the packaging?
      A. We do not take away the packaging unless specifically asked to. We will fold it neatly and leave it by your bins. If you need us to take away your packaging we can but there will be an additional cost. This is normally between $15 -$25.
  • Q. Will you clean up after yourselves?
      A. Our assemblers work in a very clean and tidy fashion. We will certainly clean up after ourselves but we find that many times the customer asks us not to as it saves them money.
  • Q. I’ve had bad experiences with trades. Why should I trust you in my home?
      A. We spend a great deal of effort finding the correct people to work for our company. We ask our fitters to obtain a police check so that you can feel comfortable with them around you and your family
  • Q. Could you remove our old furniture?
      A. Yes. There will be an additional cost dependant on size.
  • Q. The instructions are in Cantonese. Can you still assemble?
      A. Yes. There are far too many instructions that are hard to read or confusing so we are used to these situations now.
  • Q. Shall we get open take the stuff out the box before you get here?
      A. NO! We work in a methodical way. When we are opening a box we are checking for damage and missing parts at the same time. By opening the box you are actually making the job take longer.
  • Q. Can I pay by card?
      A. Yes. Mobile EFTPOS facilities are available
  • Q. I have tried to assemble an item and failed. It’s now in bits on the floor. Can you help?
      A. Yes we can. As long as you have not damaged the item we can assemble it for you while you go and de stress.
  • Q. Can you make alterations to my furniture?
      A. Yes we can. We can often make alterations to furniture for various reasons. It should be noted however that any alterations would void the manufactures warrantee.
  • Q. I bought an item today. Can you assemble it today?
      A. We aim to have your item assembled within 2 days of enquiry. However slots do become available so give us a call and see if we can fit you in.
  • Q. We have booked you to assemble some outdoor furniture but it is raining heavily. Will you still assemble it?
      A. We like to stay on top of things so if we have booked in an outdoor assembly we will be checking the weather conditions from the day before. If the weather looks like it will be a total washout we will call you beforehand to re schedule at no cost to you. It is very rare for a total washout. We may just move your appointment time for the same day/ Remember this is Melbourne. Within 30mins it may be blazing sunshine.
  • Q. We have just had a dinning table delivered and need the legs to attach. Do you do jobs that small?
      A. Yes we do
  • Q. The salesman at the store recommended you. Do you pay them commission?
      A. No. We are proud to say that the reason they have recommended us is because we provide a great service.
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