Business to Business


Our knowledge of flat pack assembly, combined with our experience as carpenters and cabinet-makers ensures that we are able to guarantee the highest quality results.  We offer a range of services that can seamlessly integrate in to the needs of your business.  We currently have a range of agreements in place with small, medium and larger companies in Australia and New Zealand.  Each of these arrangements involves a tailor-made solution developed to enhance the capability of each business.   Some of the services we currently offer include:

Integrated Assembly Services – This includes assembly at point of sale and warehousing solutions

Commercial Assembly Services – We offer a range of services that ensures a seamless client purchasing experience.  Flatpack Wizard will assemble items at point-of-use in a professional manner, with your client’s satisfaction as our priority.

Client Services – Using our expertise in furniture assembly, we assist commercial customers to fulfil their customer service obligations regarding their products.  This includes the assessment of faulty goods for replacement or repair.  Our dedication to old-fashioned customer service ensures national brands remain confident in our ability to represent them.

These are just examples of the services that you can use to move your company forward.   Give us a call to discuss a strategy that is right for your business.  

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